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"Carol weaves a spellbinding tale that is all the better because it is true!"
        Nicki Scully, author of Alchemical Healing

"Her writing sparkles; it explodes off the page. Hiltner is an original—a gatekeeper to secret knowledge."
        Jay Moore, reviewer

"Carol's books are powerful tools for bringing the Altai energy out into the world."
        Lloydine Arguelles, co-author of Dreamspell:
        The Journey of Timeship Earth 2013

"A remarkable story of one woman's journey to find herself. I found myself immediately hooked."
        Sandra Ingerman, author of Shamanic Journeying

The Altai Chronicles: Tablets of Light THE ALTAI CHRONICLES: TABLETS OF LIGHT

If you were called, in a dream, to Siberia to find some mystical tablets, would you actually go?

Trek in the remote and sacred Altai Mountains of Siberia from the comfort of your armchair, through the words and paintings of author/artist Carol Hiltner. Tablets of Light is the first of the Altai Chronicles series of high spiritual drama.

Breathe the mountain air into your lungs. Feel the weight of the pack, the heat, the cold, the hunger. Draw strength from the ecstatic dreams and visions of her quest to find and translate the mystical Tablets of Light.

If you are seeking your own deeper connection with Spirit, this is a "must read" of the compelling genre of Shirley MacLaine, James Twyman, Lynn Andrews, and Carlos Castaneda. This is the first of 4 books in the series.

$14.98    ISBN: 0-9713079-1-1; LOC:2002092173
196 pages; full-color illustrations; 5.5"x8.5" paperback; published in 2002

THE ALTAI CHRONICLES: OUT OF TIME The Altai Chronicles: Out of Time

I set out on my third trek into the sacred Altai Mountains in Siberia with
two beloved "brothers"—my cousin and a treasured Russian friend—
with the intention of reconciling the sacred masculine and feminine.

Instead, a life-long effort to clear my father's stormy emotional lineage
reached a harrowing climax, and I was reborn. I learned that the
wreckage must be cleared away for new consciousness to emerge.

I was originally called to this place in a dream. The first two treks marked my emergence as a full-fledged, if uncertain, mystic. I opened a mystical door, found the Tablets of Light, received a miraculous healing, and recorded my inner and outer experience in The Altai Chronicles: Tablets of Light. I learned that the world is much more than it appears to be.

This is the second of 4 books in the Altai Chronicles series.

$19.98     ISBN: 978-0-9713079-6-4
244 pages; full-color illustrations; 5.5"x8.5" paperback; published in 2010


The first awakening of the mind to mysticism
can be a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows.
Author/artist Carol Hiltner documents the beauty
and the pathos of her experiences in her visionary
poetry and art.

The title is a word play on the gifts of Spirit as
one awakens to one's own sacred "presence."

$10.98    ISBN: 0-9713079-0-3
92 pages; b&w illustrations; 7"x8.5" paperback; published in 1990

60th JUBILEE 60th Jubilee

Carol Hiltner paints life force. The powerful sacred energy
that flows through the Altai Mountains also flows through
her paintings and reproductions, creating a healing vortex
wherever they are.

This full-color retrospective of Carol's artistic career
is ideal for meditation or as a coffee-table book.
All Carol's paintings through 2008, including artist's
statements, are published in full color in a single book.

It is written with English and Russian languages side by side.

$39.95    ISBN: 978-0-9713079-9-5
144 pages; full color; 8.5"x11" paperback; published in 2009

Altai Mir University Articles/Reports

"Reports from the field" blog
Why Altai?
What is Altai Mir University?
Altai programs for cultural sustainability
 -  Indigenous land registration
 -  Mapping of sacred sites
 -  Sustainable traditional livelihoods
 -  Environmental stewardship
 -  Earth-conscious curricula

Global programs for "Oneness awareness"
 -  Art, Music, Words as healing energy
 -  Wisdom-keepers share
 -  Leadership exchanges
 -  Activism for sustainability

Other articles

Articles Published in Spirit of Ma'at

Spirit of Ma'at is a monthly e-zine published by Drunvalo Melchizedek to provide a central clearinghouse of undistorted information in the areas of spirituality, human potential, and new science.

I have been honored to write more that 60 articles/interviews for Spirit of Ma'at over the past decade.


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 -  Part II: Pandora Balks

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